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If someone comes up with a color scheme to end all color schemes, that scheme can be saved and shared with other Xcelsius users.  Xcelsius Version is not usually an issue.

  1. Creating the theme:

Choose Create New Color Scheme

Name the Scheme

To configure a color scheme precisely, click advanced settings.  Each tab has settings for pretty much every Xcelsius component.  Some tabs have sub tabs, such as the Charts tab below.

  1. Click the Save button when you are finished.
  2. The color scheme file is an xml file full of hexadecimal formatting options.  If you know what you are doing, you could edit the xml file directly, but its not necessary.  Here is a very small example of what the color scheme looks like:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8” ?>

<Root ID=”BOFAD6B18D83D042A5B52E6C21A33A8060” name=”Value”>

























  1. Once the scheme is finished, you need to pick up the files off your C drive
  2. You need to be viewing hidden files  or have access to do so
  3. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_id\Application Data\XcelsiuscustomThemes, copy the file.  You should see your named XML file there
  4. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\mberry\Application Data\XcelsiuscustomThemesAutoInfo, copy the file.  You should see your named XML file there.
  1. SHARING:  Go to the same location on another PC, and paste these files into their proper folders.  Note:  These folders may not exist until a user saves a custom color scheme at least once.


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  1. kishore Feb 10, 2012

    hi thanks for u r information.
    I am try this method but it,s not possible. can u plz provide the screen shots.

  2. Sinan Mar 6, 2012

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